At Ford AV, we know technology is fundamental to your organization’s success.  From design to deployment, you can be confident that Ford AV’s professional staff will ensure your technology systems meet your unique demands. 

Design-Build Services

Start Early and ensure all players participate in the design phase of your next project.  Ford AV’s design/build team prepares for all your technology, including IT, AV, and security to ensure all details and collaborative ideas are engaged from the start of the project.

Managed Services

Your organization is busy with your core business. Ford offers dedicated, trained technician on-site to perform like your own staff providing room setup, system management, training and routine maintenance. This frees you from hiring, training, and managing AV technical staff that work outside your core competency.

Remote Monitoring

AV Remote Monitoring and Management (AVRMM) provides monitoring for both networked and non-networked AV equipment.  We monitor, notify, and resolve system failures while maintaining AV systems and critical operations.

AV Rentals

Ensure your next event is a success!  Ford Audio-Video Event & Production Center has provided AV technology production excellence for more than 40 years.

Direct-View LED

Digital Signage

Video Conferencing

Broadcast Systems

Command & Control

IT Networks

Sound Systems

Security & Paging

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